Who Serves Great Sake On Hilton Head?

Who Serves Great Sake On Hilton Head?

Are you looking for a spot to enjoy Sake on Hilton Head Island? Well, you are in luck! We love Sake at Charbar Co.!

Sake remains a mystery to many consumers in western countries, but here at Charbar we feel it’s time to pay closer attention to this Japanese national drink.

You might have read somewhere that sake is an acquired taste, if so then the world is divided into two kinds of people: those who acquired the taste and those who are yet to acquire it. If you find yourself in the second category, we are here to help. Once bitten by the bug, we think you will never look back. A world of consummate imbibing enjoyment is about to open up before you.

Here at Charbar we pride ourselves in our sake selections. We want to help you understand the basics of sake including what it tastes like, different types of sake, and how to pick out a bottle. This brief guide will get you on the right track so that sake can become one of your go-to libations.

it’s time to pay closer attention

What kinds of sake does Charbar offer?

At our restaurant we offer a variety of sake to appeal to all tastes from simple to bubbly to complex.

Fuki Saki

This can be your everyday sake. A traditional sake that packs a flavorful punch. Our tip: sip this sake (all sake should be sipped) slowly, once it hits the middle of the tongue hold it for a few seconds to let it warm a bit, and then savor the flavor as you swallow.

Hou Hou Shu Sparkling Sake

A sparkling sake that gets its carbonation by going through a second fermentation in the bottle, similar to the method used to produce Champagne. The complexity and layers of flavor in this sake has endeared it to both Japanese and American consumers.

Yuri Masamune Joto Sake

Yuri is the name of a local area in the district of Honjo-shi and Masamune is an old term for Japanese sake. This is a mellow and rustic sake that you will never tire of. If you want to have one mainstay in your sake repertoire, this should be it. Especially complements grilled meats.

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Junmai Ginjo “The Pink One” Joto Sake

A brilliant, silvery, emerald-straw color, the result of using two kinds of yeast. A fruity, juicy, smooth sake with medium body and a silky, smooth, crisp, clean finish.

At our restaurant we offer a variety of sake

Let’s dive into some Sake education…

First things first: How do you pronounce sake?

The correct way to pronounce it is ‘sa-keh’, not ‘sa-kee.’

Secondly: What is sake?

Sake is a Japanese, fermented, alcoholic beverage which is made from rice. While many people call it rice wine, it’s not wine at all. The process of brewing sake is more akin to that of beer. But unlike beer (which often contains hops) rice is the only grain used in true sake.

Ok, so how is it made?

Long story short, sake is made by brewing sake rice (polished), water, and koji (rice that has been allowed to grow mold on its grains). The person who brews sake is called a Toji, and he or she can play around with the fermentation process to make a singular finished beverage.

Is sake simple?

Sake is a product of complex production involving polished rice grains and employing special yeasts which yield a variety of flavors from fresh and floral to aged and mature.

Is sake too strong?

While sake usually has a higher alcohol content than table wine, it makes out at 20% ABV (alcohol by volume) and typically stays between 15% – 16%. This makes sake a great drink to enjoy a glass on its own. Sake is also a great cocktail ingredient and will make a delicious drink that is not as strong as a typical cocktail made with liquor.

How should I drink sake?

Traditionally, one drinks sake out of small cups, called ochoko, that are made of porcelain, ceramic or glass. But you can drink sake however you like. Drinking it from a wine glass is also a good idea because it makes it easier to smell the aroma and taste the quality and variations of flavor. Never gulp it down like a tequila slammer as you will not get the full effect of the drink.

Hot or cold sake?

All sake can be enjoyed hot or cold. It can be sipped very chilled, slightly chilled, room temperature or warmed. At Charbar we serve our sake chilled, but of course will serve them warm upon request. The best way is to follow your palate and see which method you enjoy.

Unlike wine and beer sake is a versatile beverage and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with the different ways to drink it. 

Is sake only available at sushi bars or Japanese restaurants?

With a rapidly growing export market of top quality products you can now find sake available in many different restaurants. We, at Charbar, are proud to offer the best selection of sake on Hilton Head Island.

What are some meals that go great with sake?

Sake is such a well rounded potable that it works well with a wide spectrum of dishes. It is particularly good to pair with our rice bowls, sushi rolls, burgers, and barbeque chachos.

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